“Golden River” by Imran Mughal (ONLY FOR SALE IN PAKISTAN)

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Imran Mughal

Merit Prize in APA 2023

Imran graduated in Textile Art from College of Art & Design, University of the Punjab in 2010 and then acquired Masters’ degree in 2012. He has been actively networking within art circles and aims to establish his art practice critically. As a fashion designer, Mughal uses his artistic freedom and connection to indigenous art, pop culture and literature in design and painting, finding his own contemporary expression. He has worked with many established fashion brands as well as exhibiting art in several group shows with prominent galleries.


“My artistic imagination and imagery is ignited by vivid traces from folklore, pop art, emotional and cultural norms present in the history and heritage of my land since ages. My passion for music helps me maneuver through all these media with an amazing degree of freedom. I feel that inherited cultural codes and taboos freeze thinking to a certain degree and do not encourage any shift from established rules. In order to break that monotony one has to question ancient beliefs and re-invent contemporary aesthetic experience. By being more receptive to multiculturalism and diversity, it is possible to attain a higher consciousness of immense creative human potential. So I describe my work as “unconscious dictation” and see it as a spontaneous expression of indigenous art.”


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