­­Arjumand Painting Award 2023

­­­ (APA-2023)


1st Prize Rs. 400,000

2nd Prize Rs. 300,000

3rd Prize Rs. 200,000


1. This competition is only for Pakistani citizens resident in Pakistan

2. Artist must be between 25 to 40 years of age (born between September 1983 to September 1998)


1. An artist can submit only ONE painting executed in 2023.  

2. Any image digitally or mechanically produced and drawings only (graphite/charcoal/ pencil, etc.) will NOT be included in this competition.

3. The painting size is the choice of the artist.

4. Artist should not have won the 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize in previous APA competitions.

Submit the image of your painting by 23 October 2023 with fee, CNIC and face photo

(a) High resolution IMAGE of your painting 

(b) Rs. 2000 PROCESSING FEE. This fee should be submitted through easy paisa mobile transaction on cell numbers 0313 5137757 (Tayyab Khurshid) or cell # 0311 8990345 (Ahmad Buksh) and the receipt is sent to us.

(c) Your CNIC copy

(d) High resolution coloured PHOTO OF THE FACE.

These submissions are to be made through the application form. Link to the submission form is given below at the end.

Submission of the original painting:

First round of judgement will take place in late November to shortlist entries for the APA show. Results will be announced on Facebook and Instagram.Selected artists will have to submit their original paintings within the given date at the Studio RM in Lahore through courier or in person. We plan to hold the Exhibition and Award Ceremony on 23 November 2023 at Alhamra Art Gallery in Lahore.

Please Note:

1. Objective and transparent criteria for judgement have been defined. The decision of the judges will be final.

2. Best possible care will be taken for the paintings; however, organizers will not be responsible for any damage during shipment, storage or display.

3. Only the selected paintings by the jury will be displayed in a well-publicized show.

4. All displayed paintings will be for sale. We will retain 40% from the selling price of the painting, when sold, for GST and the Gallery commission.

5. Winners will present their paintings to the Gallery 6 as their contribution to the APA 2023. They will NOT be paid when the painting is sold.

6. Paintings delivered in person will have to be collected in person on notification. Those sent through courier will be returned through courier.

7. Gallery may keep any painting for display and sale after the exhibition up to 6 months. Others will be returned within 4-6 weeks after the end of the exhibition.

8. Efforts will be made to promote the artists by promoting use of the images of their paintings by sponsor or other organizations. Hence, the image of any submitted painting can be used for calendars, diaries, and any other promotional materials.

Submit the APPLICATION FORM through the link below with image of painting, processing fee, CNIC and face photo by 23 October 2023

Send the application form as soon as you are ready and DO NOT WAIT till the last date. Form acceptance will close automatically by midnight on 23 October 2023. Click the link below to access the form.


For any queries

Send email to [email protected] or call 051 2825738 / 0308 5162543 between 12 noon to 6 pm, Tuesday to Sunday.