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    @sabaqayoom Hey , I’ve seen your work and it’s genuinely amazing 👍🏻
    Secondly can you please help me out how can I promote my work here and make a seller/artist account . It seems quite confusing here I couldn’t understand it. I’ll be Thankful

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    • Sorry for replying late.
      First of all what I think you should organize your work. Categorize the best artworks. While Identifying subject, content and style of selected works, in particular, you can better write your artist ‎statement. ‎Perfect photography of your art which really matches the actual colours and proportion of your work is very important. You also need to write your short biography. in anticipation.
      Once that all is done, you can better promote your work.
      Gallery6, in particular, is the best platform to display your art. It is online, reliable, safe and practical. ‎To exhibit your art through Gallery6 you should apply for your seller account. For this purpose go to the Tab of SELL on the home homepage of Gallery6 located on the top right of the page.
      If your work approved for an artist account you can start uploading your works online at the gallery.
      But if your ‎work does not get qualified then do not get worried. You should make some more new works and apply with your new works again.‎ If you get the member account you can promote your work while sharing it through the social network of Gallery6.
      Once you get artist’s account you have to upload the photos of your artwork along with details. If a client gets interested in an artwork, the gallery authority will intimate ‎you. Then you have to carefully pack your painting and send to the gallery via TCS or any other reliable courier survive. You have to pay the cost for TCS so you must include this amount in the ‎total price of artwork in anticipation. When it gets sold then gallery authority will deposit your amount in your bank account.
      You can check the further details of selling procedure on to the link below:

      Artist FAQ

      Enjoy painting. May Allah Bless You and Give You Success.‎