Exhibit at Gallery 6

Information for artists interested in exhibiting at Gallery 6
- Gallery 6 is the largest private sector art gallery in Islamabad and is located in sector F-8/3 which lies in the centre of the city. the gallery is distributed over two floors with over 400 running feet of display wall space. Both the floors are air conditioned and well lit. The gallery remains open 7 days a week from 11 am to 7 pm.
- Artists interested in exhibiting their work are required to submit their CV along with 5 to 6 images of their most recent works with details of medium, sizes and prices for review by the Gallery Committee to: mail@gallery6islamabad.com.
- The committee’s decision is final. They may recommend your work for: (a) a solo exhibition, (b) inclusion in a group show, (c) display for sale at the gallery, (d) display for sale on the gallery website, (e) none of the above.
- Wide publicity is given for each of our shows. All leading English newspapers and TV channels are invited and are provided with press releases and images of the artworks. Besides this, freelance art critics and radio reporters are also invited.
- Over 4000 e-invites are mailed across all continents to art lovers, collectors, art critic and galleries. Over 500 invitation cards for each show are printed and mailed to selected individuals in Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. 25-50 cards are given to the artist for inviting their own acquaintances.
- The artworks to be displayed in the show are placed on our website, to give wider exposure to the work and the artist.
- Whenever feasible, leading personalities are invited for the inauguration. Refreshments are served during the opening reception.
- For a solo show, each artist is required, on an average, to submit about 20-35 of their artworks (depending on the size of the artworks). There is no restriction on the sizes of the individual artwork.
- For a group show, the number of artworks required from each artist varies on the number of artists in the show.
- The gallery is not responsible for any damage or loss of any artworks in the exhibition.
- The participating artist is responsible to bring the artworks to the gallery, duly framed and suitably packed, well in advance. Out station artists may send their artworks through reliable courier service at their cost.
- The prices of the artworks are decided in consultation with the artists. The gallery keeps 35% of the sale proceeds of the art works.
- The most important feature of our exhibition is that all artists who exhibit with us are promoted on the internet to art lovers all over the world. 
- All unsold artworks are returned to each artist after the show, when requested. Otherwise they are included in gallery archive for sale.