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Zameer Hussain


Artist from Karachi currently working in a private institute as an art teacher and also practicing art and displaying work in various galleries of Pakistan.


Artist Statement:

Being an artist It is difficult for me to focus, work and think only in one direction where there is a lot of happenings in surroundings which you can’t ignore. In my artworks I have focused various aspects of life. This is why you will see that there is a lot of variation in my work where the only thing that will remain same it is the style of making and the medium that I use pen, ink and paper.
I have worked in various categories where I have raised questions; I have appreciated the beauty of very ordinary things and objects. I worked on rustic life, I have worked on the traditional and cultural things which we are losing day by day, and so somewhere in my work you will find out happiness, feeling, sorrow and questions also. I have also recalled history in my artworks. From inspiring rain I have done my practice in diagonal lines and later I have created my art works with diagonal lines and with hatching with realistic approach.
I have reflected in my artworks the time we spent, the time we left behind. So somewhere you will see a glimpse of the past. if you look at the work of any artist, you will notice one thing that he representing the current situation of time and if I say that it’s very necessary for an artist and for his artwork so it wouldn’t be wrong.


Bachelor of Fine Arts (4 year), University of Sindh, Jamshoro.


·         2014      Benazir Art Gallery, University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Pakistan.
·         2016      The Future is Now, Art Chowk the Gallery, Karachi, Pakistan
·         2017       Bad-e-Saba Group Show
·         2019       Group Show at US Consulate Karachi with the collaboration with ArtCiti Gallery

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Zameer Hussain

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