• Umar Butt wrote on Kanza's Wall 6 days, 3 hours ago

    @kanzazardad A. O. A miss,
    Thanks sending me friend request,… I saw your painting, it looks a real master piece… May you grow more.
    Miss have you applied as an artist acoount to be a member here. I have done that butt still could not be a member so that i could avaluate my work here.. Whats the procegure if you help me a little about it.

    • Hey, thank you. It’s ptrography 🙂 …I have applied as well but didn’t get an answer yet. It’s been more than a week. We should give them a call on monday I guess.

      • Yess i have also e mail them about my account varification as an artist… See what happened…
        An where as your petrography, i love it…. 👍🙂