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A 10-minute guided meditation for mental relaxation.

If you play the YouTube video embedded in this page, you can listen to a 10 minute meditation guide that you can incorporate into your daily routine. It describes the steps of a simple guided meditation for calming the mind, including posture, motivation, concentrating on the breath, letting go of ideas, nurturing positive thoughts, and commitment.

Finding the appropriate method of meditation for you

Different meditation approaches resonate with different individuals. Others may prefer a nightly sleep meditation over the popular guided mindfulness meditations. Some individuals may prefer breath-centered meditation that focuses on stabilization. Others love the element of analytical meditation that cultivates pleasant emotions and mental states, which is the use of narrative.

Sign up for our weekly podcast featuring guided meditations, conversations about meditation, and interviews with meditation masters if you wish to learn more about meditation. You can discover which of these styles of meditation is ideal for you by learning about them all.

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Mynd UK

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