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    It was a pleasant evening of 19 November 1972 when Sadequain came to the mela that was organized in Karachi to raise funds for our group “Budding Talents”. We had set up a stall where on payment of Rs. 5 to us, visitors were able to get their portrait made from the legend within few minutes on a full size sheet. According to The Leader-evening newspaper “There was a queue of colourful and excited women and fun-seeking teenage girls all of whom wanted the honour and for some it seemed the ecstasy, of being seated across the table with renowned artist Sadequain and getting themselves sketched by him”. I was with Sadequain in the stall, which was obviously the most popular of the 25 stalls. It was enjoyable to observe that besides making portraits, the artist rewarded some charming females by reciting extempore quatrain on some aspect of their beauty Sadequain 3
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