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Ahmed Hasan


I am a self-taught artist. My practice mainly focuses on painting abstract portraits and symbolic images that are immersed in palpating emotions and chaotic transitions. Exploring depth of soul beyond matter, my works are devolved into constant state of distortion, deconstruction and fragmentation. The style of painting that emerges out of my work is very intuitive and internalized, which depict human conditions and unattended stories of our times. As, I submit to the process of art making, the spaces are devoid of boundaries, hence I feel I am more of the viewer who tries to penetrate intuitive world of the hidden painter, as paint is spilled so naively over the canvas. The hidden painter who is sometimes a stranger to me has also evolved, as I have grown from doing  drawings in my adolescence towards painting on large canvases. Born as social recluse hampered my ability to connect with people therefore, as I have grown, art has become a bridge of communication between me, and the outside world. Art for me is journey towards many destinations, as it allows me to feel the splendors of nature, and experience ‘the known world’ differently every time.


Since childhood I had been deeply inclined towards writing, development anthropology and visual arts. I started my educational pursuits by doing a BBA (hons) degree from Institute of Business Management, Karachi. Thereafter I went abroad to UK to pursue a Master degree in Human Resource Management from Cardiff University. However after coming back to Pakistan I decided to pursue my inherent ambitions in working in development sector as I was rather dismayed at how the corporate sector sector. Working in development sector and extensive travelling across around 60 poor stricken districts of Pakistan allowed me to deeply decipher fragments of visual arts in the most rural environment and its importance in my personality make-up. I then decided to pursue a masters degree in development studies from Sussex University and thereafter made concerted efforts in delving greater attention towards paintings in view of nuances I had experienced in development sector. Since then I paint and create imageries that entail incomplete stories of world of silent mayhem and chaos that eludes clutter of metropolis life.


Group exhibition by Gallery 6 at Pakistan National Council of Arts (2017)

From Here to There Exhibition at Art Kaam, Gallery, Karachi (2018)

“62” exhibition  at Artone62  Gallery, Karachi (2019)




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Ahmed Hasan

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