Jasmine Michael

Jasmine Michael
Born and raised in Rawalpindi, Pakistan, Jasmine Michael is a twenty five year old visual artist. She earned her B.F.A in the year 2015 from the National College of Arts, Rawalpindi, where she selected miniature painting as her field of choice. With a unique eye for details, Jasmine paints in miniature to explore the infinite space a small scale provides to the inside.
Her work is a mockery at our social conducts. Responding with our actions to the conventions of this world, our brain is cultured in a manner which fails to question these common practices. Her paintings also share a comment on hierarchy, which develops inside every individuals shoe closet with the class difference ranging from labor to elite. 
Using footwear as a metaphor, she works from observations made out of personal experiences and connects them to the broader picture of our society.

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