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I refer to my artwork as symbolic, as there are numerous symbols used and each has its own meaning to justify the subject matter. Symbols used are very limited because I prefer simplicity in my life which inspires me to paint, leaves and ropes are the main symbols of my artwork. Leaves represent hope, revival and growth but on the other hand if dead leaves are painted they will be regarded as despair and hopelessness. Rope on a broader scale is used for knowledge, but the color differentiates its meaning. In some of my artworks white rope can be seen which represents knowledge to bring out the positivity but in some images black area is left empty in the rope to show the black magic and dark wisdom, which has played an important role in my life leaving some incidents which induces me to paint them and let out the anger. All of my art pieces are painted on black base, to show the darkness inside but creating imagery on that darkness is the actual task. To hope and wish that darkness is not permanent, it requires an effort to battle with one self.
Thus on the whole my artworks are based on the inner feelings, the anger, aggression and love. I experience all these emotions strongly regarding various events and they compel me to paint them. The voices inside my head don’t let me sleep, it is like a film every night playing in my mind of all the events i detest, which hurt me or contrary those events which i wish to happen, self-developed memories, happiness created by my own mind.
Composition of my artwork is not chaotic visually; rather most of the paintings give a calm imagery because this is what i want to feel, to get rid of all the anger and hatred building up inside me.


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