Old Karachi



In my art work, subjects are drawn in diagonal lines. These subjects belong to my surroundings, which directly or indirectly connected with me. I always get ideas from nature by looking at things closely. When I travel, natural scenes and landscapes come in my way, I stop there to have a close look, and to get the essence of the scene. Later on, I try to give it my own touch on the canvas, by drawing the scene in a different way. I want to transfer those subjects on my canvas, but in a different style. It has been my long life wish to paint, but never have done. This idea comes in my mind again and again, and compels me, once when I went at one of the places, it was raining there; I stopped there and started to look at the falling drops of rain. Looking at the scene through rains falling drops in diagonal direction, was making an illusion of diagonal lines. It seemed like everything is painted in diagonal lines and was feeling amazing. At that moment, I decided to draw my art work in diagonal lines, and I will make it my style to let the people see the world in a different way.


Additional information


Canvas, Paper



Size (inches)

12×15 inches



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