Industrial revolution is considered as transition to new manufacturing process in Europe between the period 1760 to 1820. This revolution changed the destiny of many nations and brought prosperity to the masses. However I would call this prosperity a vector which was carrying the issues that we are facing today i.e. trash. One of the most harmful constituent is the polythene whose half life is about 1000 years. Today we can see the huge mounds of trash forming a new type of landscape within the existing natural landscape and these new type of landscapes exist for centuries due to the presence of polythene. One of such sites is “Mehmood Booti” a famous landfill zone in Lahore, Pakistan. The height of this huge mound is approximately 100ft. It looks like a hill from a certain distance although the land of Lahore is 100% flat. On my first encounter with it I was really fascinated by the diversity of material on this site. Every type of material from every class of society can be observed here. In other words this is the single site which represents every individual of this area because every individual has contribution in it regardless of the amount. Today when we are about to enter a city our first encounter is with these trash zones. They can also be called the modern cities inside which there are some settlements of the individuals. These are the external crust inside which the internal city is encapsulated. This diversity of material, color palette, a new form of landscape and cityscape intrigued me to paint it. According to me I feel it like a still life within a landscape or a landscape made up of still life.


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